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This demo is available for:

1. Blog System for OpenCart v.1.5.0

Great Features:

- Insert & Edit Blog Category;

- Insert & Edit Blog/Article;

- Categorized articles;

- Related articles;

- User can give comment on article;

- Unique setting on each article (allow comment, comment permission, comment need approval);

- Support multilanguages.

- Edit Blog Settings;

- Support share button;


- 23/06/2011: Article Search Feature


2. Help/FAQs System for OpenCart v1.5.0

Great Features:

- FAQ Page;

- FAQ Category;

- FAQs Search;

- Most Popular FAQs;

- Latest FAQs;

- Customer Feedback;

- FAQs Settings;

- Support multilanguages;


3. Year-Make-Model-Engine Filter Box

The great Year-Make-Model-Engine Filter Box for your Cars/Auto-Parts Store!

It adds ability to select Make, Model, Engine and Year.



Admin Demo: http://theopencartdemo.themagicalworks.com/admin/ (User: demo ; Pass: demo)


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